Cogito, ergo sum (I think therefore I am)

<p>To all you quasi-religious high schoolers out there, I don't really care about if you belive in God or not and all that noise There is something I've been wondering lately though. All my friends seem to be cool with the fact that when they die they just become "energy." Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but that doesn't seem too fun. They claim it's peaceful. But so is sleeping.</p>

<p>I don't care (relatively speaking) what happens after I die, as long as I'm conscious... does anyone else feel this way? What are your opinions?</p>

<p>Well, if you want to be conscious after you die, entertain the possibility that the consciousness will be filled with unending pain.</p>

<p>wouldn't that still be better than no longer existing?</p>

<p>The thing I hate about being an atheist is the feeling that it's game over when I'm done here. Nothing to do, literaly nothing. I think unending pain would be better than nothing b/c you could maybe get used to it? I suck at rationalizing the irrational.</p>

<p>The consciousness could also be filled with unending...nothingness. I mean, if you were conscious, yet dead, what would there be for you to do?</p>

<p>If this is a scientific discussion, it's pointless and dumb because there are no facts at all about the subject. If this is a theological discussion, then it's also pointless because we all know that when you die, you go to heaven. If you believe in god of course.
Yeah, one more thing. Try to imagine nothingness. Like total vacuum. A place where there is nothing, not a single atom. The longer you try, the harder it gets.</p>

<p>I've quoted this before, and I will again. The last line of the great philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein's work Tractatus Logico-Philosophico is, "Whereof we cannot speak, we must pass over into silence." </p>

<p>It is impossible to know what it's like to be dead, when we are all living. Thus, it is impossible for our speech about what happens once we die to be meaningful. We cannot speak here. So we must pass this matter over into silence...</p>

<p>so it all comes down to individual, private belief.</p>

so it all comes down to individual, private belief.


<p>I agree. I think the original poster is just trying to see what other people's beliefs are. :)</p>

<p>Cogito, ergo sum~~~ cool~ i just found out the meaning about this thing yesterday~! and i see it today ~~~</p>

<p>why would one wanna be conscious forever.......</p>

why would one wanna be conscious forever.......


I dunno... I guess I've grown fond of thinking.</p>

<p>Not to mention the whole existance thing.</p>

<p>yea.... but then u couldnt stop thinking and u will be like " i got a cool idea!" but then u wont be able to do anything with it....... u will lie there forever and ever like this and trust me eventually u will go crazy................. and its going to be lonely and boring after a while..... -___- and u will miss a lot of things such as loving, eating, sunshine, home, kids, blah blah blah..........</p>

<p>just... ignore me..</p>

<p>correct me if im totally missing some higher point but wasnt descartes point with cogito ergo sum the fact that we do exist here on earth, and we can prove this because we are able to think? (yes that is extremely smushed down, and i regret i dont have a better understanding of old rene... but as far as im aware, cogito ergo sum doesnt have a whole lot to do with the afterlife?)
while we're on the topic though...
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hahaha i could go on with that all day lmao</p>

<p>I believe you're correct. </p>

<p>This is interesting though..
OP: "I don't care (relatively speaking) what happens after I die, as long as I'm conscious" </p>

<p>"Cogito, ergo sum (I think therefore I am)"</p>

<p>If you're conscious, you are thinking. According to Descartes, this would prove that YOU ARE. However, you just said, "AFTER I DIE." There's a conflict here. You concede to being dead, yet you still want TO BE in the state by which we classify life. </p>

<p>Interesting. </p>

<p>I, for one, do not believe in heaven, might believe in ghosts, and do not "care" if I (physically and mentally) become.. nothing after I die.
And really, the thought of that happening is one of the driving forces in my life. To do something good, fulfilling, important before I die-after which I will have no control, no anything-is to possibly have some memories and impact from me live on. That is all I ask of my 'afterlife'... memories. Memories and peace.</p>

<p>i always thought it means I think therefore i exist. i guess he was just saying that he doesnt like the whole idea not existing anymore.. he wants to be able to think after he dies and..therefore he will exist.......</p>

<p>em.. not sure...</p>

<p>It's hard facing the truth that there is no heaven. Like many others, I can't imagine not having consciousness. But then again, I have to accept the truth, which is that heaven doesn't exist. Then I have to accept that I don't know what actually does exist in the beyond. Ghosts could really be possible;there is a compelling amount of evidence for their existance. If we could continue having consciousness after life that would be tight, but I'll just assume that we don't and hopefully be pleasantly suprised when I wake up on the other side.</p>

<p>Death won't be nothingness. My atoms and molecules will still live to roam the cosmos.</p>

<p>Just popping in to remind y'all that Descartes definitely believed in God. His empirical system of philosophy was based on a conviction that God exists.</p>

<p>if it bothers you that much, then pick a belief about the afterlife that makes you feel better, and hope for the best!
I personally can't connect with you on this: I'm alive/conscious now, but one day I will die. we all die, whatever. my life force will leave me--i'll lose "consciousness" because my mind is no longer functioning. (i won't have a mind any longer because my brain will be dead.) so, i will become lifeless. i won't be able to sense anything, there won't be anything to sense because "i" will not exist anymore. it's not scary because there is no "it" to be afraid of!</p>


<p>lol just to use my Pascal based logic + sentiment, because it is incomprehensible that there should be nothingness after I die, it cannot be so</p>

<p>and idk if anyone said this, but cogito ergo sum is a metaphysical proof that only an individual can be known to exist to themselves</p>