"Cohesiveness" of Extracurriculars?

<p>I'm a junior hoping to major in a STEM field (either bio, neuro, or biomed engineering). However, none of the "science-y" ECs at my school interested me, so I never felt like I should join them just to look good on apps. For the most part, my ECs involve service, debate, politics, and like.. super humanities oriented stuff because it's fun. I will have taken four years of science at an AP/IB level though, as well as 5 credits of math up to Calc BC and IB Math HL. </p>

<p>Basically, will it hurt me that I haven't spent my high school career prepping for college apps like some of my peers? If I apply as a STEM major without science/math ECs, will colleges find that.. weird/suspicious? Thanks!</p>

<p>I don't think it's too much of a problem. Think of it this way, many student's main ECs are sports even though they won't play in college. Sports have nothing to do with their major, but that's fine. If you're interested in humanities related stuff but don't plan on majoring in it, that's fine. What matters is that you have a passion for those activities, which is a good thing.</p>

<p>It seems improbable that the tipping point of your application will be whether or not you participated in Science Olympiad. Participate in what you like; you'll never out-guess the process.</p>

<p>OP- I think you're fine... in fact, you seem very well-rounded, which is always a plus. I would ask you one thing though... since none of the "science-y" ECs at your school appeal to you, have you considered founding a science club/organization that does appeal to you? I'm not talking about founding a club just to say you did on your applications, but something you are genuinely interested in.</p>