Colby Class of 2025 ED II

I have started this topic for anyone who has applied ED II to Colby to converse as we wait for decisions to come out.

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Has anyone heard anything from Colby yet? emails, etc…

On their Instagram, they mentioned that over 15,000 students applied this year and it was the most applicants they have ever had. Other than the portal, I have not received any emails from Colby. On the website, it says we will hear about our decision for ED II on or before February 15th.

Wow, 15,000 applicants is a lot! I hope they release decisions before the 15th…

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i was trying to find a thread for this! anyone else get an email to sign up for a Q&A tomorrow or next week? They also sent me something about scheduling a “conversation with a student” don’t rly know what that means but I wanna know if other people are going to this

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Me too! I signed up for the first connect w/ student. Do you think they might be asking us questions too?

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Yes. I just signed up for both things. Thanks for reminding me I would have forgotten otherwise.

I don’t know anything more than you do, but I would assume that it would be mostly us asking the questions because it is not an interview.

I’ve been emailing with my admissions rep and she gave me some students info and we are going to zoom soon, do yall think I should sign up for a convo with a different student too?

do you think the event means anything though? I don’t want to read too much into it but since we already applied ED, why would they be hosting an event like this?

I honestly have no idea. My guess (based on nothing) is that it is mostly intended for RD applicants, but they send the email to everyone who applied so they don’t feel left out.

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Has anyone by any chance been told a specific day for when the decision will be released?

I didn’t hear anything from Colby directly, so I’m assuming it’ll be the 15th or a little bit earlier? but hopefully as soon as possible

Per IG, decisions at 5 pm EST today.

Just got accepted!! Super early decision release… so excited hope I see y’all on the hill!!!


I got rejected :pensive: