colby college class of 2022 ED 2

colby is need blind and meets 100% of need

Ya. But we have to be so good. Bc the competition is hard for internationals.

Colby is NOT need blind.

Oh, I am sorry I thought they were… They do meet 100% of need without loans which is really amazing!

@Mebratu Yes. I am an int. student

I have a 3.9 UW and a 4.23W. 31 ACT superscore gives me a 33. I have also requested a lot of aid. Crossing my fingers for a miracle!

@rviola what do u mean by a lot of aid? every person has his or her own definition of it… whats yours? 90 % aid ? are you an international student

I have read that kids who need a lot of aid are denied. I’m pell grant eligible so to me that means a lot of aid.

@rviola Bruv I know people who have got in with really good financial aid ( around USD 7,000 per year ). Is that too much? Also, colby’s website states that the avg. grant for 102 internationals was around 54,000 USD. i think they do a pretty good job with aid. Also, their website clearly states this :

" Starting in 2018, if your family has a total income of $60,000 or less and has assets typical of this income range, we’ve ensured they will have a parent or guardian contribution of $0 "

Colby is need aware which means they can and will reject candidates who need a lot of aid. So meeting 100%of demonstrated need isn’t that difficult when your EFC is high :slight_smile:
I’d like to see how many low income applicants are admitted.

any news on when we will hear? Will they send out an email to let us know or should we check our portal alot?

They will send us an email to prompt us to check our portal

Any new updates

Who called or emailed to the admission office.

I think today is the day according to their website. Good luck!!!


I’m in!!! Anyone else out there???

ACCEPTED! so happy!