colby college class of 2022 ED 2

Colby ED 2 anyone?
int. student here

Me :slight_smile: I’m anxiously awaiting. Out of state student.

Heard Jan 30 is the date

where did you hear that Jan 30th is the date?

I don’t think it jan 30th, on their website it refers feb 9.

Anyone with updates. I’m so stressed

nope! I’m very stressed as well!

the website changed the reply date to no later than Feb 15th so we might be waiting longer

Does anyone have stats pertaining to ED 2 at Colby? Around how many are accepted and how many apply ED 2.

has anyone heard anything?

Their website say that the decisions will be out by 15th feb. Earlier they had mentioned 9th feb. Dont know why they have changed it though

So we have to wait longer…

I’m nervous now bc that might mean they got more applicants than expected

Could be. But they said that the decisions would be coming out on 9th until the first few days of february. So it could also mean that they wouldnt finish reading all the applicants before 9th and thus, were forced to change to 15th? Doesnt necessarily have to be due to the increase in the no of applications i think

@class_of2018MFM @Mebratu .mind sharing your stats ?

@Malahide yeah I have 31 ACT 3.75 GPA and 4 on apes 5 on apush… a lot of really strong extracurriculars…wbu?

@Malahide. I’m international student, I have 1540 on the new SAT 3.75GPA and some extracurricular. I’m so afriad because i have requested huge aid.


I have got decent stats. 32 ACT. 3.9 UW GPA. Recos and essay seem good. But even I have requested a big amount of financial aid.

Are you international student?