Colby College ED 2025

Hi! I applied ED1 to Colby and thought I’d start a thread of other ED applicants! Does anyone have an idea of when decisions will be realized? From looking at other years, it seems like the second Friday of December is when we will find out.

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hi! I applied ED1 to Colby as well. I’m pretty sure we find out by December 15th but not positive

Yes! But a lot of other NESCACS gave specific dates via email and I don’t think Colby has sent one out. Middlebury on the 12th, Bowdoin tomorrow, etc. Any guesses?

if i had to guess, tomorrow the 11th

Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. Did you ED as well?

I applied ED to Colby. Last year they made an announcement on Instagram before releasing results, but there hasnt been anything this year

Yeah! I saw their post from 2019 hah I was just looking at it. By any chance do you remember what time of day they posted on Instagram? I am holding on to hope that decisions come out today

Around 10am I believe

They posted it omg

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yeah i did

i still haven’t seen anything :frowning:

I think it’ll be out around 5

Good luck! Sending u good vibes


thanks, you too!

They released a few hours ago. Im in!!!

Son in. Psyched

My son was also just admitted. Very happy. Good luck to all!

Congratulations to all you new Mules!


@revsfan, they have done this for a long time. There are always more people away in spring than fall… There is someone who posted here whose kid did this. DS had a few friends who did GES. It’s a different start with different pros and cons. Does it appeal to your son or not?