Colby College ED2 2024

Hi! Just starting a thread for any of us looking at Colby for ED2. Was also wondering if anyone could chance me to see if Colby is a good fit. I’ll post stats etc if anyone is willing to :slight_smile:

Son a freshman. V happy at Colby. Looked at Bates Bowdoin Oberlin Wesleyan Pitzer and Conn College>>Similarities but obvious differences. Reply with “stats etc” and will respond.

Thank you so much!

White female, middle class (but would qualify for under 150k per year), NY, Public school. No one from my school has ever applied ED2 to Colby, I think all are RD. Last year we had three acceptances, all w/ GPA around 92 and lower SATs.

Intended Major: Biology

APs/Accelerated Classes (school doesn’t offer many, took the most I could): AP World (5), APUSH (5), AP Lit (5), AP Biology (4), AP Physics C, English Dual Enrollment (get college credit)

Weighted GPA: abt 99/100

ACT: Will submit, 35

Rank: We don’t do rank but I would say Top 5%? Probably 3/150

Awards: Honor roll in sciences (for some reason we only have honor roll for that…), National Merit Semifinalist, Citywide news literacy contest finalist, Some honorable mentions in scholastic, not much tbh…

ECs: Cancer research volunteer and assistant (8hrs/wk, pretty demanding), ENT internship (junior year), Clinical Cancer research internship (senior year summer), Equestrian (on weekends), Math Tutoring Center (President), MUN (Underclassmen Mentor), Yearbook Club (Senior Editor), Writer in spare time (has attended writing workshops, summer camps, and interned w/ local non-for-profit for helping children write stories).

Basically it, few other things here and there like volunteering w/ student ambassadors and science classes at local museum. Oh, and NHS.

Also, haven’t visited because of cost issues and timing. Hard to get to Colby without an extended weekend. Met w/ rep at my school.

@parentgeorgia So sorry, forgot to @ you. New to this whole college confidential thing.

I think you have a good shot. Better than 50%. It looks like you could contribute to the community in a number of ways, and my sense is that is important.

@colbylind…Sorry so long…I agree with gardenstategal–Clearly a solid good shot based on your numbers stats alone…Congrats by the way as they are very noteworthy. A key thing about Colby is that they look very well upon those HS seniors that express a keen interest in attending Colby. It means a lot if they know you want to go there above all else. Any way you can get up there for a visit and meet a few staff/profs and let them know who you are…?
If not…perhaps you can engage a Prof via email in the dept that you are interested in ( BIO)…let them know about your particular interest from your cancer research internship. Colby Profs are very active research wise throughout the year and particularly during the summer…You may have a shared interest with one of them. You can read a bit of interesting facts about the Colby profs on the web page… I am sure you can figure out how to link into their bios…

@colbylind…Very important will be to keep a valid and sincere communication going with the Colby rep that you met without being too overbearing…That person is your advocate…!!

does anyone know about how the alumni interviews work for Colby? I submitted my application for reg. dec and contacted my admissions rep a while ago and she said they were going to email mid dec for invitations for interviews, but I haven’t received anything.

@parentgeorgia @gardenstategal Thank you so much! Will keep all your advice in mind :slight_smile: Also, do you know when ED2 decisions come out? I know it’s before Feb 15th, but isn’t it typically released the week before? (Feb 7th this year)

Apologies as I do not know when ED2 notices come out or anything about the alumni interviews.

Hey I’m also Colby Ed 2, last year the decisions came out on the 15th I just spent many hours looking, so I’m guessing the 14th this year bc they won’t release on a weekend, my stats aren’t phenomenal and only 1 person from my school has applied but also they got in. I have a solid essay and solid ec and a lot of demonstrated interest. I likely won’t get in but I’m hoping for the best bc I really want to go but not expecting much.

from what I’ve read on reddit and other sources you look like you have a really good shot, hope you get in :heart::heart:

Same here. My stats aren’t as good to be honest. I’ve got killer extracurriculars and common app essay tho. Fingers crossed tho. Decisions are coming out tomorrow right?

Isn’t it supposed to come out on the 15th? Does anyone know the exact time of the decision release?

I don’t know for sure, but it should be today since it’s Friday.

results will be out by 5pm today

Is that confirmed?

yes… colby posted it on their instagram story

yes… colby posted it on their instagram story

good luck everyone!!!