Colby College Party Scene

Hey Guys!

I have a few questions about the social scene and parties at Colby. What’s the party scene like on campus? It’s a small town so where do people usually party? Would you say it’s a fun party environment or is it just a small group of people getting drunk in their dorm room? This is the thing that I can’t really find out about Colby because I don’t know anyone who goes there so I would love to hear people’s thoughts.

I am a parent of a Colby student. My son loves it and has had a lot of fun there. He also studys a lot so that is definitely part of the experience to keep in mind. I would reach out to admissions they must have students you can talk to given no visits to campus?

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There are parties thrown by students in the senior apartments. There are all kinds of parties and activities sponsored by the school. (They used to have dances.) Bands play at night in the student union building. There is a night each week when a local bar in Waterville has an event. This is a highly social campus.

And yes, students also study a lot. Totally agree with @massmom2018 – see if you can connect with someone virtually. You may even want to look at some of the IG profiles on thiscolbylife and ask if you could talk to such and such person or someone like them

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