Colby-Sawyer College

<p>Since there isn't any useful information about Colby-Sawyer C on USNews and U n i g o, I don't know whether this is a good college to enroll. So what do you guys think of Colby-Sawyer College?</p>

<p>Nobody can answer me?</p>

<p>Former women’s junior college. Now coed and four-year. In a very nice town in a pretty part of New Hampshire (lakes and mountains). Nice campus with mostly Georgian architecture. Probably very safe. Don’t know much about the academics. Was quite a lightweight at one time (years ago) but (am guessing) the academics have strengthened.
With its attractive campus a visit might be best to learn more about it – before the snow flies! It does have long winters if that matters, although nearby Sunapee Mountain has very fine skiing. Fairly close to Hanover, with its performing arts center (Hopkins Center), and Dartmouth College. Safe to say it is a rather “outdoorsy” environment.</p>

<p>Majors and minors offered are listed here:</p>

<p>[Colby-Sawyer</a> College Majors and Minors](<a href=“]Colby-Sawyer”></p>

<p>You could contact the school directly and ask for more information. They will be happy to add you to their mailing list.</p>