Colby vs. Vassar vs. Colgate

<p>I'm really sorry that I'm putting this up because I don't like it when others put stuff like this up, but I really need help.</p>

<p>Out of the colleges I have gotten into, I have narrowed it down to these three. I have researched about all of these colleges, but I will not have the chance to visit before the deadline. </p>

<p>Vassar: no core curriculum (i like that)
uneven male to female ratio (do not like this, being a female... )
while some say i would be the perfect vassar girl (i don't know why), i find the college maybe a little too liberal
the vassar bubble</p>

<p>Colby: it is in the middle of nowhere, but i think i would be able to adjust
it is the smallest school out of the three
there is something called the maine assistance program affiliated with Tufts which guarantees students who follow the program a spot in Tufts Medical School, in case i do want to go into science</p>

<p>Colgate: the neighborhood seems homely
Greek system is pretty big (i don't know if that's a plus or a minus)</p>

<p>I know that all these schools are great and I've chosen to apply here for a reason. but I don't know what to do. Not one school seems to have an edge on the other. Any advice you have or information would be greatly appreciated. You can pm me if you wish. </p>

<p>Some information about me:
I'm from a small town in long island. I'm think i want to go to med school, but nothing is certain. I'm a pretty well rounded student. I've been taking all ap's in high school, but i've recently realized that i do not want to go to an overly competitive college. if you need more information, just let me know.</p>

<p>Hi, mdm91! This is not an easy choice--we know, because we just finished making the exact same one in my family. D was deciding between Colgate, Vassar, Colby, and Conn. Coll. She has chosen Colby--here's why.
Visit to Colgate --and we thought we'd love it--totally put us off. Not that they weren't nice--they totally were. And the facilities were great. But it has the "big university" vibe rather than the "small LAC" feel that D was looking for. And the frat/party scene seems huge. General atmosphere seemed buttoned up-they do things the Colgate way and that's that. VERY isolated area--Hamilton is cute, but very small, and there is NOTHING else around for at least 45 minutes. Lots of people love it, but we were pretty turned off. AND check into portability of fin. aid. into off-campus programs that you are interested in--this was a deal-breaker for D.
Vassar we didn't have time to visit, but have relatives who are very familiar with it, all of whom did not think it right for D. Other extreme from Colgate--very "far out" vibe (I know that's lame, it's the best I can come up with!). D is science-oriented, and science major Vassar relative did not encourage it. However, campus is supposed to be beautiful, fine arts are terrific. Just maybe more of an overall "alternative" feel than D wanted.
Last visit was Colby--D loved it, we parents loved it. Beautiful campus, beautiful facilities, lots of opportunities for undergrad research, totally flexible approach to curriculum (though they do have a core, they were much more willing to talk about alternative majors, etc. than Colgate), Jan Plan, COOT, VERY accommodating re off-campus study, students VERY warm, enthusiastic, and cheerful, typical re party stuff, but much less pressure to be part of the "hard core" than it seemed at Colgate, no frats, smaller athletic presence. Students seemed collaborative rather than competitive for academics. So Colby was the perfect fit for her!
Understand that these are just one family's impressions, and they may or may not be accurate or applicable to you. There are hordes of people who love each school and are extremely happy! Maybe you could talk to each Admissions office and ask pertinent questions--"tell me the one thing that makes Colgate/Vassar/Colby unique" . Think about size, location, course offerings, structure. And good luck! Now it's everyone else's turn to weigh in!</p>