Colby Waitlist 2024

Hi I’ve been looking through several forums and didn’t find one for Colby waitlisted people this year. I’m waitlisted for RD and haven’t heard anything from them since I submit my LOCI in early April. Anyone heard anything?

I received a call in mid April from my regional admissions rep determining my interest in attending Colby. I thought I would hear back from her at the end of April but haven’t heard anything. Has anyone hear anything?

I had the exact same thing happen to me. A call in April and then nothing.

I know a kid who got in off the waitlist in early April.

will they inform us if they stop picking students from the waitlist?

I think most schools will let you know when the WL closes.

I am guessing with covid that there’s a lot up in the air. If students who were planning to be abroad can’t go because of covid, they will need housing. If social distancing protocols require that rooms that are normally triples or doubles are doubles or singles, that will also reduce the number of beds available. Otoh, if students decide to take gap years, that could open up spaces.

I would continue to make plans for wherever you have deposited and stay flexible. You may get lucky.

If you don’t got off the Colby waitlist, what college will you be attending in the fall?

@Waitgirl haven’t decided yet. Got offers from NYU and UCL. I accepted both and just wait and see what’s going on… still got hope for Colby and waitlist gang never gives up!

You can not accept (deposit) two offers of admission…you run the risk of the colleges finding out and rescinding your offers.

Does your GC know you accepted two offers? Note that your GC will only send one final transcript…is your school year finished yet?

@Mwfan1921 Hi, thanks for pointing out. My school year is already finished but I think UK schools are kind of different since they don’t need any deposit

Did anyone receive an email today?

@goldmidnight7 Yes I did

I think everyone on the waitlist received an email. Lots of people on Reddit did too.

Has anyone heard anything since the email?

nothing but silence

Hello! That’s remarkable, they don’t normally accept students from waitlist until after May 1. Do you know if your friend submitted any additional forms to Colby?