Colby Waitlist Email


I was waitlisted by Colby. Last week I submitted my LOCI and accepted a spot on the waiting list.

I just got an email from an admissions officer asking to speak w/ me.

Does this mean I’m getting off the waitlist?

probably! I hope you get a spot, it’s a great school!

has Colby started calling people from the waitlist? I hope you were able to move off with the call from admissions.

I’m assuming you got off the waitlist? Congratulations and good luck!

Are you off the waitlist? A friend received via email not phone call…

I just spoke to the admission today and all it was, was just a check-up on if you are still interested in Colby and if you have any questions. I too am on the waitlist and not sure if the call takes you off the waitlist.

I just declined my offer of admission. I hope you get in!!!

Which other school you choose?

UMASS Amherst

My son got they same phone call “checking in” to see if he still wanted to be on waitlist. That was a few weeks ago. Nothing since. He had to accept somewhere while in limbo with Colby . Accepted Union last night. His heart is still at Colby though. Good luck to all of you.

Colby has traditionally waited until after the official decision date, when they know how many spots they have to fill, to go to the WL so please don’t despair if you have not yet heard back. Looking forward to seeing some good news on this thread!

anyone heard anything? They said over email they want to be done by May 15

i’m not familiar with how the new england schools operate their waitlists. do they usually wait until the ivies are done with their waitlists?

nevermind i remember colby going to their waitlist before may 1st, i believe?

this is highly unreliable i know, but colby’s facebook class of 2024 went from 511 to 524 today. was this another wave?

@gruebleen they could have just approved the pending requests

that is true

i wonder if they are done.

i think you’re off the waitlist! congrats!!
anyone knows if they will send an email notifying there’s no more space for the class after picking people from the waitlist?