<p>does anyone know anything about colby's International studies/affairs/relations dept? or colby's east asian studies/japanese department? theatre? creative writing? languages? what are comparable schools? ive heard its a lot like middlebury; are the towns comparable? what's the atmosphere on campus like? is there a political slant? are students politically active? are there vegan options for dining? i'm full of questions, sorry. </p>

<p>this seems like such a shot in the dark, i dont know if anyone here knows much about colby. and to decide by wednesday! egads!</p>



<p>Colby's theatre, writing, and languages are great. Colby-Bowdoin-Bates also run study abroad programs in several different countries. Comparable schools include: Bates (although the town it's in is industrial and a little unsightly, if that matters), Trinity C (in Hartford, which is easier to get into), Hamilton (in Clinton, although Waterville is larger), Middlebury (though it is a bit harder to get into), Bowdoin (in Brunswick, near the Outlets, and harder to get into).</p>

<p>The town of Middlebury is more liberal than Waterville, and Colby--in cotrast to Middlebury--is on a hill on the outskirts of the town rather than in it. But, Colby is about 500-600 students smaller than Middlebury. Both towns are friendly, although Waterville is larger. Colby students tend to be liberal, although not as liberal as Bates or Bowdoin, but about the same as Midd. They definately have vegan and vegetarian options at every meal. Like most of its peer LACs, Colby students are somewhat politically active, but not militant like at Wesleyan U.</p>

<p>Just my take on Colby. Hope this helps you a bit. Good luck. :)</p>

<p>PS--International studies at Colby is very good.</p>

<p>My cousin went to Colby and loved it...she now works in NYC at Sports Illustrated. She studied abroad in London. Colby is really small, though...</p>