Colgate 2021 Transfer

Hey guys, I figured I should start this thread since our decisions will release next week!

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I can’t wait to find out! This will be my first transfer decision

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I wonder if they are going to send-in mail for acceptance letter

oh I havent thought about that! Because they haven’t posted anything about double-checking portal access?

decisions come out on thursday

how do you know? did you receive an email or anything?

They just sent an email saying Thursday @ 7:13pm

Yeah, good luck everyone! Can’t wait to see my decision! Hope for the best.

Waitlisted -_-

I got in! lol I didn’t expect this

i got in

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What major did you apply for?

I got it too!

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Rejected :pensive:
Computer Science, 4 GPA, 45 Credits.
Asked for lots of financial aid.

yeahhhh buddyyy


I am rejecting my place at Colgate, so I hope you get in! Good luck. <3