Colgate ED 2 decision date

Hi ,hope everyone’s doing great!

I am an international financial aid applicant who will be applying to Colgate ED2 and will submit my complete application between 5-10 Jan. Does anyone have a rough idea about when I might hear back?

Website says mid-March

@Mwfan1921 but I have heard Colgate’ s ED2 has rolling admissions

Yes, students in the past have been notified ahead of time. In the absence of details on the website, no one really knows what may happen this year.

Why don’t your reach out to admissions and ask?

Does Colgate notify applicants online of their decision or just by mail?

Not sure how ED 2 works but for ED 1, there was an email saying decisions would be online 12/13 at 7:13 pm (which it was). The follow up package was postmarked 12/13 and arrived in the mail on the 16th. I think it is similar for RD, too.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am curious about ED2.

The Colgate Early Decision form says that an ED2 student will hear their decision within 4 weeks of receiving all materials. So, if you submitted everything (including the Early Decision form) before January 15, you would hear from Colgate by February 15th.

Thanks for your reply. I am aware of the timing. In fact, I heard it was within 3 weeks. I was wondering about how the decision is delivered-is it on the portal (like ED1) or via mail?

I believe it will be on the portal first. I’ve seen that many people receive a decision on the portal before an email notification, so it’s a good idea to be regularly checking up on your portal.

Anyone got their ed2 decision?

@UnknownPerson4 Nope, still waiting. It’s been about two weeks for me.

@CitrusFruit yeah applied on 6th January. Hope it is today! Will the decision come on portal or by mail?

@UnknownPerson4 Yeah, I applied EDII on the 3rd. You will get it definitely portal first, but they also send acceptances by mail afterwards. I’ve read that many ED decisions come out on Thursdays. I got an email about financial aid today, and it’s a Thursday, so there’s a chance today!

It will be released this friday. I got a mail from admission office.

I really hope that’s true! I’m so excited now.

I applied ED II to Colgate but have not received an email about the release date, has anyone else?

I mailed the admission office about the decisions so they replied: “The next round of ED II decisions will be released this Friday via email.”

UnknownPerson4, thank you, hopefully good news will come today!

Anyone hear anything today?