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Hey there, I am finalizing my college list rn and was wondering about similar schools to Colgate in acceptance rate (17-25%), social scene, size, and rural location. I really love Colgate for my target school, and liberal arts colleges are what I gravitate towards. Any advice? I also love Lafayette and Holy Cross (more urban but small, which is what I like). My reach schools are Bowdoin, Middlebury, and Dartmouth. I recently visited BC which was not a good fit for me. Any advice is welcome!

Lafayette easier. Colgate closer to the Mid than Lafayette.

If you like Holy Criss look at Macalester, F&M.

Maybe look at, for example, Hobart, Skidmore, Colby, Union, Bucknell.

If you are willing to leave the Northeast, in addition to Mac, W&L is similarly heavy Greek, rich and Econ as a strong major. Rollins too.

For further ideas, the Princeton Review provides this list in Colgate’s site:

Students Also View…

Amherst College
Boston College
Boston University
Bowdoin College
Brown University
Bucknell University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
George Washington University
Georgetown University
Hamilton College
Harvard College
Lehigh University
Middlebury College
New York University
Northeastern University
Princeton University
Tufts University
Villanova University
Williams College

As another idea, look into the University of Richmond.

I thought W&L would be a close match to Colgate but it’s smaller and a bit more difficult to get into.

Colgate enrolled 487 of its class of 913 through ED. 40% receive FA. 31% are Multicultural and 10% International. ACT range of 31-34 and SAT of 1370-1500. Avg GPA of 3.77.

W&L enrolled only 484 students and 271 were ED/QuestBridge. 57% receive FA and only 22% are people of color (growing figure). ACT range of 32-35 and SAT of 1420-1510. 87% took at least calculus and 68% had four years of foreign language. Maybe W&L attracts a few more tippy tops with its Johnson scholarships which went to 8% of its students this year.

Kind of wild that 53%-56% of the enrollees went through ED.

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My daughter got into W&L…no merit…but they sent an app waiver. It’s worth a shot.

It was the one school I missed I thought she’d get rejected.

It’s got a similar rep. I can see someone getting into Colgate rejected at W&L and vice versa.