Colgate Thanksgiving break

Colgate parents - I know you’re out there but I can’t remember who each of your are!

Thanksgiving break is from Sat (11/20) to Sunday (11/28). Do most kids leave on that Saturday? I assume a full week of class the week before and without knowing if D21 has a Friday class, I’m about to book a ticket for 11/20 but it’s non-refundable so want to make sure kids don’t leave earlier than that Sat.

Hey!! my older sister goes to Colgate, so I might be able to help? She either flies back on those Friday nights or early Saturday. i think u would be fine either way bc the kids kinda leave sporadically from what I’ve heard


I don’t recall if we picked up D20 on Friday or Saturday last fall, but as the other poster stated the kids trickle out during holiday breaks so it shouldn’t matter either which day you choose.