Colgate University 2025 ED

I have seen some threads here on CC for a while now about Colgate Early Decision applicants. Is anyone else applying ED? Any specific insights? My class rank is garbage but ACT (33) and GPA W (4.025) are pretty strong…

I am also applying ED 1. I’m not submitting a standardized test score but my weighted GPA is a 4.02

Applied ED1
4.38 weighted GPA
ACT 30 (superscore).
Good ECs,
3 APs and 2 Honors courses this year, 2 APs junior year
National Honor Society
Fingers are crossed! Mid December can’t get here fast enough! Good luck to all!

It is interesting seeing how everyone’s applications look! Your application looks really strong. I wonder if the # of people who are applying has been affected by COVID

Applied early decision II to Colgate :slight_smile:

Unweighted gpa is a 3.57 (school doesn’t offer weighted)
31 ACT superscore
Cross-country for three years, volunteer work in wildlife/animals
Applied for the environmental biology major

Good luck everyone!

I applied ED1 to Colgate
4.2 weighted GPA
3.9 unweighted GPA
I didn’t submit any test scores

Good luck to you all!!

Did any of you write the three optional supplemental essays?

International student from india. Applied ED1

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Is anyone here international?

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I did, what did you think about them? I thought the multicultural essay was interesting.

The diversity essay seems to be very popular this year. D had similar essay prompts for three other schools as well. She had fun with the quick short answer questions on the Colgate app. I’m actually glad when a school has more supplements - helps schools get to know the candidate more and I think it helps D with no test score.

oh man, I did all three. I really wanted to give the best picture of who I am.

D wrote the diversity one and the short answers but not the second one. She’s so pooped out after writing so many essays but really likes Colgate and thinks she put together the best app she could!

I’ve applied EDI and I’m an international student from UK. I didn’t submit any test scores and we don’t use a GPA system. I would say that I’m pretty invested in my subjects and I do academic research in my free time, as well as community work. However, I am in need of pretty high financial aid and I failed my science class 2 years ago. Any chances for me whatsoever? (Considering that only like 10% of internationals get in).

Do you think applicants who didn’t submit test scores shot themselves in the foot?

No not at all. Our D spoke to her admissions officer and he said it’s perfectly ok to apply without scores and to please not drive to other states to get a test or take a local test if you’re uncomfortable with Covid. Of course ones GPA and rigor will then be the main way they can judge your academics.

Thanks! I think my GPA and Essays are good enough, I was just worried whether standardised testing would end up breaking my app

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Yeah I had the same worry but I think they will be very forgiving given the circumstances of this year.

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