Colgate University 2025 ED

DD is a member of the class of 2024. We just did a town hall Zoom for families and alumni and were told the number of ED applications for the class of 2025 was 3 times more than what it has been and that they have already received 300% more applications at this point in the cycle than they did by this same date last year. That is some stiff competition!

whoa. 300% more??? incredible

By math, 300% more represents 4 times as many applicants. People may want to use their judgment until official figures become available.

Anyone who is planning on applying to Colgate or already got in - there’s a pretty fun discord going : https://discord.g g/59TAjTVvBF (no spaces) where all applicants are welcome <3

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Sorry for the delay, she replied in a serious tone

For those interested, Colgate reported that its ED1 applications were up by 6.4% over last year, which resulted in a 61% acceptance rate for this group.


Has anyone heard back for EDII recently? I heard there would be a January wave.