Colgate University: my chances

I have a 3.74 Gpa and am currently preparing for the SAT in August. During my junior year, I took 6 AP classes and 1 honors class. However, aside from all A’s and one B+, I received a 79 in AP Physics (I don’t have an excuse, just the hardest class in my HS). Is there any way to compensate in order to be competitive for Colgate ED?

I think they really look at applications and take everything into consideration. It definitely sounds like you have had a challenging schedule so that may help. Our experience has been that they care about admitting students who want to be there and can contribute to the community. I think they have a list of which admissions officers handle each geographic area. It wouldn’t hurt to reach out to them.

Colgate recently registered a HS GPA of 3.69 for its entering class, which would seem reasonably propitious with respect to your own application.