Colgate University vs W&L

Hi guys,
I am an international student. I am really confused about where to apply ED Colgate VS W&L.
Both of these schools if accepted would give me a full-ride scholarship but W&L gives better financial aid. W&L also offers free insurance for international students as well. For Colgate, the university probably gives me work-study opportunities but I might have to pay 3000$ extra ( it is a huge difference when I convert it to rupees).
I am planning on going to major in CS. I heard the W&L CS department is not that good compare to Colgate University.
Colgate University has partnerships with other schools which would really help me find a job/ internship after graduation as an international student.
If I compare the locations, I would choose NY over Virginia as I have a lot of family members. And also I am really scared to attend W&L as I have heard southern people don’t like international students as much.
Please share your honest opinion

Your post has many, many pieces to it. I have a freshman at W&L. I can at least reassure you about international students there. You can research the numbers, but anecdotally, the boy my son is closest to is from Estonia. I met another boy who grew up in El Salvador. Another friend’s roommate is from Tanzania.

Besides researching percentages of international kids, follow the schools on social media. For instance W&L has a video titled “Welcome Class of 2025” and you will see a number of international freshmen.

Colgate has more than three times the amount of international students and better overall diversity than W & L. Both are great schools but it is reasonable to state that an international student would be more comfortable at Colgate. Just be ready for a cold snowy winter if you chose Colgate.

Colgate appears to be one of the earlier colleges in the U.S. to have established an independent computer science program: The 10 Most Wired Colleges In The Country: Unigo Ranking | HuffPost Communities.

I am probably going to apply to Colgate University. Do you have any tips on standing out as an applicant? Any chance on boosting my application? I am in their middle percentile. I have only taken 7 aps as well. Due to my circumstances I was not able to take any of the ap exams

Appling ED1 will increase your chances of acceptance. Can you please share your GPA and SAT or acted score? If you do, not only can I help with suggesting a list of schools beyond Colgate or WL. Also based on your stats, whether applying ED to Colgate is the best choice There’s ED2 and Regular Decision to think about beyond Colgate.

I would start looking at the Colgate application right away. You will have supplemental essay questions. They are going to probably want to know why you are looking at Colgate specifically. So do your research on the school and identify what makes you want to attend, also what you can contribute.

Here are a couple of links that will help you with the Colgate application process.

How to Write the Colgate Supplemental Essay | College Essay Guy

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