Colgate vs Santa Clara University vs UC Santa Cruz

It’s a nail biter! :upside_down_face:

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You need to come back and let us all know! You know my preference… :wink: but, yes, your son has to make that choice! Just an FYI, SCU is planning to have an in-person graduation this year for the class of 2021, albeit in a modified version (no parents)…meanwhile, allowing the 2020 parents to languish…lol…BUT, they do communicate, which I think is awesome. The religion classes are not pushy (and we are catholic); the Jesuits know how to run a school, and I can’t say enough good things about the campus and the dorms. Good luck and come back to let us know! :crossed_fingers:


Right, we don’t want to choose for him. It’s hard anyway since one parent toured SCU and one toured Colgate. I was instrumental in pushing him to apply broadly and make sure he had choices but it’s not my place to prioritize the trade offs.


Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner! (IMO) :wink:

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Now they just need to call him off the WL! They started calling So Cal kids off two days ago. Alas, not mine.

Let’s be honest- Wait List is a rejection but a hedge for the benefit of the school. So you have to commit elsewhere - deposit, get stoked.

If they come calling in May, June - whatever - decide then. But you have to assume you were rejected and are not getting in.

Otherwise you get emotionally attached and it just may not happen - and that’s not good.

Good luck to you.


I chuckled at this. I can hear my sons towards the end of 8th grade…we did have mercy on them… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Did he send an email to his AO saying it’s his first choice and he will commit? If not, have him do it today. Good luck!

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He almost did it last night but didn’t quite get it done. I’ll try to push on that today after school. The LOCI was posted a while back.

They tell you on the podcasts to follow the instructions to the letter, but I saw on CC that ND AOs told accepted WL kids it was important that they reached out so ?

From what my son is telling me, the kids that have been pulled not only sent a LOCO but also sent an email to AO.

At an event this week they were very proud that they build a class that is not predominantly from one area. Son told me it seems like everyone in the accepted student group is from East coast, so maybe the west coast yield is lower. Send that email today!


One of his religion teachers was getting his masters in Theology. It was a very. long. year.

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I think he has eliminated UCSC. Had a chit chat today (I corralled him in the car). He is not anxious about college, but is having a hard time comparing the two privates since they have different pros and cons. He seemed to lean toward Colgate in a lot of student life ways, but once we got into the BA degree and CS course selection, it might be too basic for him and he might be interested in some fields where you are better off with more math and a BS. He is already past coding in the beginner level classes at Colgate. Later he will dig in on the two sites. Yes! that should have been done months ago but maybe we are finally getting somewhere.


Winner is Colgate. Taking a bit of a chance but that’s so 2021.


No chance. Anywhere you go is an opportunity to grow, learn, be challenged and experience new things. Colgate is a wonderful opportunity many dream of. Congrats on the decision. Go buy a heavy jacket. It’s a wonderful choice. Congrats

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Indeed he’s lucky to have it. Going to start shopping the winter gear sales!

Good call. :+1:

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Since summer-like days can persist deep into October in Hamilton, your family might consider buying winter clothing in the area. The local merchants will know what would be suitable for the area’s climate, and purchases made in town will support the economy around your son’s new home.

Congratulations to your son on his decision, and best of luck to him at Colgate!


Winter clothing that you can purchase in California is not the winter clothing you would need in upstate New York. I agree with waiting until he’s at Hamilton, unless you are purchasing from Lands’ End or LLBean or something similar.

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