College accredited online course for A&P

I need to take Anatomy and physiology for my paramedic program. Wondering if there is any college accredited courses out there that I can take online over the summer, preferably for less than $500.
Thank you!

Check your local community college.


Washtenaw Community College offers two online options for A&P-- a self paced course and an instructor led course

Northwestern Michigan College offers A&P online

Berkeley Extension offers very highly regarded online A&P–but it’s more than $500.

But, as always you’ll need to check with your certification program (if this is for your EMT program) or your major department advisor (if this is for your BA) to see if any of these classes are acceptable.

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Portage Learning (affiliated with regionally-accredited Geneva College) offers self-paced online A&P I and II courses; about $800 for each 4-credit course. Do you need to take both semesters, or just one? It will be hard to find a course for under $500 unless your local community college has very low tuition and offers A&P online.

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@Laliejour just checking for clarity. You are inquiring about this course to complete your paramedic coursework, right?

But you posted this in the pre-med forum. Are you anticipating going to medical school at some point as well? @WayOutWestMom is This course a prerequisite for medical school application? If so, is taking it online advisable?

is This course a prerequisite for medical school application? If so, is taking it online advisable?

There are a few med schools require that A&P as part of their admission requirements. (Ohio State does. Please consult MSAR for a complete list.)

As for med schools accepting online science classes–policies vary widely. Some will; some won’t. Always best to check with the specific school in advance.

This course is for medic school, but I do anticipate medical school at some point!
My local community college does not offer online credits and they are not cheap either… I sent one of the options suggested by @WayOutWestMom to my program director to get approval!

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Thank you so much everyone!!