College Admission Essay

<p>A friend of mine and I were discussing whether this would be considered plagiarism or not: He wrote his college essays, emailed them to his cousin's friend, his cousin edited them thoroughly, he(friend) then went through and made some minor revisions to that and submitted the essay. It is essentially his, but the essay was drastically changed and re-worded/structured to sound much better. Plagiarism or not? </p>

<p>Also, after arguing a while he then began to worry about what if this 'friend,' whom he barely knows, decides to report to the college about this - should he be worried his acceptance could be withdrawn</p>

<p>I'm confused, were these "minor changes" or "drastic changes" ? </p>

<p>It depends, but imho.. yes it is plagiarism, because of the re-structuring , but not really that important, and no his acceptance will not be withdrawn.</p>

<p>1st of all, he shouldn't have gone to ppl blabbing that someone changed a significant amount of stuff on his essay.. i believe it's not plagiarism, look up the definition?</p>

<p>the best thing to do would be to ask your friend's friend.. i mean that's just stupid, reporting? does your friend's friend even have proof? it could be looked at as someone trying to get your friend into trouble when your friend hasn't done anything wrong (but he did..).</p>