College Admission with a gap year

As a senior this year, I already applied for colleges, but I was hoping I could take a some break from education. With COVID-19 preventing valuable campus and learning experience, I thought it would be a good opportunity take some time off and explore my interests.

Over the summer, I decided to serve in the military to experience something new and meet different people. As an immigrant here, I received tremendous help from everybody around me when I first arrived here and I thought serving in a military would be an excellent way to give back what I received from this country.

After 1.5 years of training, I would return home and attend to college. While attending college, I would work once a month in a nearby military hospital for next 4 years.

That being said, my results from college didn’t come back yet, but I was planning on reapplying to college when I return home from training if I don’t get into my school of choice. Would I be at disadvantage if I apply to school almost 2 years after high school graduation? How does having a military experience help getting into schools?