College Admissions

I’m planning to double major in classical studies & classical archaeology. I do a lot in both these fields and have several extracurriculars for both these majors. Would majoring in these two fields make me stand out (since barely any one applies for this) and look like a more “unique and diverse” applicant? I do a lot in both these fields and feel like it will look like I genuinely have a passion outside the classroom…but will this make me stand out a lot?

Your profile must meet admissions requirements wherever you apply. Your choice of majors and ECs are interesting. However, while likely unique are no guarantee of acceptance.

@zannah but do you think it will make me stand out since im pretty sure no one from my school has ever applied under those majors?

Most colleges do not admit by major. They are interesting EC’s but nothing more.

What is your question? Are you asking if this less common major will help you get into college/university X?

Maybe so, maybe not. The places that do have strong programs for thses majors tend to receive a fair number of applicants interested in them, so in a sense you can end up compteting with your peers for admission to those places. And my undergrad department would not be happy with me if I failed to recommend Bryn Mawr if you are a woman and Haverford if you are a man, because you can cross-major at Bryn Mawr.