College admisson

Gpa: UW: 3.2 W: 3.4
Freshman year 1 honor
Sophmore year 2 honors
Junior year 2 ap’s
Senior year I will be taking 4 ap’s and I’m going to study more to do better on tests.
Total ap’s I would have taken 6, honors 3
Act: 29 I’ll be taking it again
They only have 8 different ap classes at my school. And they only have english and science honor classes at my highschool for underclassmen which I’ve already taken.

Ec’s are tutoring, babysitting, key club secretary 1 year but have been a member for 2 years, speech & debate 1 year(I went to state my first year), art club 1 year, Church youth leader for 3 years, going to be yearbook editor during my senior year, went to yearbook camp, I volunteer a lot with my church, and I plan on joining one more club during my senior year while still being involved in the other clubs I’ve been in.

Academic interests- I do photography(with a canon camera), and write.

Ethnicity- african American, caucasian, alaskan native/ eskimo.

Disabilities- severe scoliosis since I was born, respiratory problems(I have to sleep with a bi-bap/ci-bap) which overall I have less energy than everyone else and I can’t play sports. I can take care of myself I only get back pain now, it just looks severe and throughout elementary school I was always gone for surgeries. I only worry about the noise my machine makes and wondering if I should get an apartment.

Reasons for low grades- alcoholic mother, depression(to the point it was affecting my spelling, and forgot how to tie my shoes), disabled aunt moved in(which I always stay home with her.)

Anyways what colleges did you guys get into with my gpa? And can you guys tell me what colleges I’ll have a chance to get into. I want to major in marketing or journalism(but most likely marketing). Will I have a chance at indiana university, washington state university, American university(my brother was the president of his frat and gradated with honors), pepperdine, rutgers, or any others that you have an idea of? I’d only go to nyu to major in journalism since I would have a lesser chance of getting into stern. I do love pepperdine the campus is beautiful.


My brother was the president of hus frat at washington state university not american lol

Typos sorry