College advice

<p>Hi,CC.I'm an international undergraduate applicant,my major is physics.
my specs:
800 on sat subjects math2 and physics;expect at least 2100 on sat;
GPA like 3,5(don't know for sure,we have a different educational system)
don't have any extracurriculars(there’s not so much of them in my school,and I wasn’t interested in any).Can I list on my application activities like reading and self-education?
I’m studying physics,philosophy and different scientific stuff on my own.Speak 2 languages aside from english.
I send my application to a couple of Ivies,to Stanford and to Caltech.Which college can you recommend to me,in which I would have a great chance of getting in(with scholarship)?Not like some prestige institution.but just a good college with a good program in sciences.</p>

<p>Also,should i enter emails of my teachers if i'm sending reccomendations by mail?</p>


<p>Lesser known (internationally) science centered schools:</p>

<p>Carnegie Melon
Univ. of Rochester
Univ of Worcester
Johns Hopkins
Washington Univ. (St. Louis)
MIT (not lesser known, but not on your list)

<p>pjakab,which of them would accept me,on your opinion?</p>

<p>If you will need financial aid, then you should limit your search to schools that will give it to international students (most will not). You can use a tool like Schools</a> Awarding International Financial Aid to find them.</p>

<p>any more advices?</p>

<p>chance me for ivies</p>

<p>Right now if you're looking at a 3.5 and 2100 SAT score chances ativies would be very low.</p>

<p>However, that's just based on numbers. Tings can can change the picture:
- being very top at something in your country
- being from a country that sends very few applicants
-national level achievement, awards and honors
-sports talent whereby you could play for a team
-being very well connected in your country-child of leader
-an extraordinary talent</p>

<p>oh,i have 3.7 really(for previous year).thing is,in our country all school courses are common and compulsory,so this mark includes marks both from my majors and other courses.</p>

<p>Are you done applying at this point?</p>

<p>Are you applying this season but you don't have SAT scores yet???</p>

<p>You would need much higher than a 2100 SAT for the top schools. </p>

<p>The ivies and Stanford do not give scholarships, they award aid after looking at income/assets. Some are "need aware" for int'ls. Do you know if your family would qualify? </p>

<p>How much will your family pay each year? </p>

<p>For you to get large scholarships from the schools that award them, you'd likely need a M+CR SAT of 1400+. However, you've missed the deadlines for many of these scholarships....many were Nov 15 - Dec 15. And, some require that you take your SAT by Dec or earlier.</p>

<p>There may be some schools that will award you some merit scholarships....however, not likely a full ride. Your family would still have to pay for room, board, books, fees, insurance, personal expenses, int'l travel, etc.....could be about $20k per year. How much will your family pay?</p>

<p>my family qualifies for full aid,we're like 50k/year.</p>