College and University Section

<p>The box says "If you have taken any courses at a College or University for credit or have attended any enrichment programs hosted on a college campus, check this box." </p>

<p>If I am taking a correspondence course at a university for high school credit, does it count?
and for enrichment programs, does UT Honors Colloquium count?</p>

<p>bump. please help.</p>

<p>I'm not familiar with UT Honors Colloquium, but it does sound like an university credit program.</p>

<p>so would I mention the correspondence course?</p>

<p>Summer enrichment programs... those would include any of the academic summer programs (such as those hosted through Duke TIP) that last for a varying amount of weeks in the summer, right?</p>

<p>I went to a three week residential program at a college during three separate summers... I'm not exactly sure how to designate my enrollment time, without it coming off as having attended for two solid years xD</p>

<p>^ yeah, I'm not really sure,and no one seems to be answering my question
and you can just state the dates of the certain weeks you attended right?</p>

<p>the UT Honors Colloquium isn't really a credit program, but it offers you insight into college and residential life. There were also classes and sessions that I attended, but they were just lectures, and non-credit.</p>

<p>It's programs for credit OR enrichment programs on a college campus. You should check that box.</p>

<p>Oh, <em>flushes</em> sorry for hijacking your thread. I would include the correspondence course. The app says "for credit" but does not specify that it must be college credit, so that doesn't rule out your course though it was for high school credit. Plus, you do want to let colleges know that you took a course through a college, which they will otherwise not know if you don't list it.</p>

<p>And in order for me to list separate three week intervals, I would have to list the college three times-- I already have two other colleges listed for other reasons. -sigh- My Additional Info section is going to have an overwhelming amount of things.</p>

<p>does a course at my high school for dual college credit count?</p>