College App Advice for Changing Fields

I’m deciding on switching my major interest from something related to health sciences to econ/business. I previously wanted to be a doctor so all my ECs are medical related. Should I apply as a bio major and switch to an econ or apply as a business or econ major? I’m worried my app won’t be as strong for business schools due to having no business ECs. And if I apply as a bio major, I may not be able to switch from CAS to college of business depending on the school so I would have to do econ at CAS. How would this affect me when finding a job? Also if anyone has any career recs for someone who just began exploring the business field?

Nope. You should apply for what you want.

There’s zero necessity to have your ECs match a major. Do you think people who play sports, are in band, have a job, walk dogs are matching a major?

Your extras should be done because you have passion. Build tenure and quantifiable accomplishments if you can.

But you should apply for what you want to study. Not look for a back door.

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