College App. Resume

<p>Does anyone know if there's a "correct" format for a high school resume? If so, can you share it? My daughter asks her best friend for a copy of her resume so we could just see the format and how she set it up, but she said that her teacher told her that the format was wrong. I didn't think there really was a "correct" way or "wrong" way for a high school resume, but '?????</p>

<p>Help, anyone?</p>

<p>My English teacher gave the entire class a template for us to use. I can PM you so you can use it.</p>

<p>That would be great. Thanks so much!!</p>

<p>Hey AmbitiousMind07, it would be AWESOME if you could PM the template to me as well! =) I've been wondering the same thing as OP and I would definitely appreciate it.</p>

<p>hi, do you mind sharing that also with me?
sorry to sound pesty, but it sounds very helpful.</p>

<p>many different ways...doesn't matter for college in which way you format it, really.</p>

Would you mind sending it to me as well? I've made multiple resume copies, but so far, none of them seem to be correct according to friends or teachers x.x</p>