college application and admissions

How do we know which college we apply under a university or do we apply to University directly?

Also if a student wants to get into pre med with 3.5 to 3.6 high school GPA( mostly honors or AP classes), no clubs but some extracurricular and volunteering how do i know what are the colleges that are good for pre-med.

Cannot say anything about the SAT/ACT because not sure when tests will happen.

As a pre-med, what is your intended major? Your intended major which will determine which college at the University, your major will reside.

For Pre-med you can major in any subject as long as you complete the Medical course requirements.

You want to attend a school where you have the best chance for a High GPA in the Medical school pre-req courses, access to medically related EC’s and a school with good Pre-Med advising. You also want to keep undergrad costs at a minimum.

In general you need a place where you can thrive as student–academically, socially and personally. Medical schools are looking for students who are not just top students academically, but also interesting, well rounded individuals with specific social competencies and leadership skills.

I would also look at the Pre-Health advising centers for more information.

Make sure you have a backup plan since 60% of “pre-med” students never make to the application round.

Is your GPA unweighted or weighted?
What rigorous courses have you taken such as AP/IB or DE courses in Chemistry/Biology/Math/English etc…?

What is your Undergrad school budget? Home state?
Any specific location of where you want to attend college?
Why Pre-Med?
What extracurricular activities have you participated?
Have you shadowed or been exposed to Medical profession?