College Application and...Staples?

<p>Is it common procedure to staple additional sheets of paper that go to colleges? Or is it more polite to paper-clip them?</p>


<p>We used paperclips.</p>

<p>Thanks maysixxmom. Any other thoughts?</p>


<p>Another vote for paperclips. I like this snippet from the University of Chicago admissions office blog, describing the application process from their end: </p>

<p>"For us, the process looks like:
1. Get tons of mail.
2. Open tons of mail.
3. Remove tons of staples that are affixed to the prominently featured "do not staple" corner of the application.
4. Sort mail.
5. Scan mail.
6. Proof scanned mail.
7. Create files.
8. Read files.
9. Read more files; lose personal life..."</p>

<p>^ Classic - I'm going to forward that along. Thanks guys!</p>