College application fee waiver (for twins)


I am a rising senior in high school and have just begun filling out my college apps. I have a twin brother and I was wondering if we would be eligible for a fee waiver when submitting our college applications. Both of us are planning on applying to ten to fifteen schools each, and I’m worried about the extra financial burden that application fees will have on my family.

Thank you.

Are you low income?

You don’t get a waiver just because you are applying to a lot of schools.

Or because you have a twin.

Because you may not get fee waivers, do your research. Run the NPC at each school you are thinking of applying to. If that number is way beyond what your family can afford, then cross them off your list and move on. Some schools did provide fee waivers if you visit (but who knows in this C19 time), but maybe reach out to your admissions rep for the school and ask for one.

Do you have your FAFSA efc approximation?

@qlalforest what is your parent annual income?

Many school give fee waivers just for the asking. Others have certain days or weeks when they have a free application, or after you visit, or if you follow them on social media.


However, the application is not the only cost. You may have to pay to have transcripts sent or to send scores, and if they are CSS schools, you have to pay for those to be sent. It’s difficult to manage a large number of applications and some people miss deadlines.

If the colleges use SAT ot ACT scores, you will pay to have those sent too.

Some private schools will give you a waiver if you email and ask admissions.