College Application

I’m currently on a gap year, and I want to apply to the spring semester of a college. The deadline is 6 days (4 business days) from now- it’s October 1st. Is it too late to apply? If I contact my high school today and beg them to send my transcript and recommendations asap, will it reach the college in time? (I know, I know, it’s gonna be a pain in the butt for them and I feel bad for springing this on my old high school so last minute). Anyway, how long does it take official transcript (college website says it CAN be sent by email) and recs to reach a college? College is 2.5 hour drive from high school. Pretty close. Thanks for any help!

Often, it’s okay if some parts of the app are late, as long as the app itself is in by the deadline. I would call the admissions office and ask.