College Board Error on June 6, 2015 SAT?

If it really was an error and not some other explanation, maybe they will offer free retakes.

@Squirg I know you’re defending your daughter, but I guarentee you that the section was designed for 20 minutes.

Ok so I asked my son. He said that the proctor told them the test booklet was wrong and they only had 20 minutes.
I also asked him if he got the sections done in the allotted time. He said yes and again he didn’t study for the SAT. So I would think that they were really meant to be 20 minute sections.

It’s a big deal. Some, but not all, students had an extra 25% of time on a section.

I have no idea how to re-level the playing field after a mistake like this, but it may hasten the move by additional schools to become test optional.

@MidwestDad3 Yes, because we were given the extra time at my testing center. It honestly messed me up. I started rushing to fill in answers I skipped. And they only allowed us to do it in Section 8! And some people had the 25 minute in their test booklet for Section 9, not 8, so it was not fair to them as well. This is all a mess.

My daughter finished all the sections in the times given. But like aznboi says, having the time change messed her up. She didn’t find out she would have the extra time until she had almost finished the section. Standardized tests are supposed to be STANDARDIZED. This one was not. And judging from the responses on here, different sites handled this differently. My prediction? Maybe a free retest? My daughter is finishing her junior year, though, and had hoped to be finished with college testing today. She did a lot of preparation, too, and it’s four months until October.

I had the ‘25 minute’ on sec 9. But there were only 19 CR questions so I assumed it was a printing error (Did it in 20 min as planned by the proctor). The guy behind me also had the problem on sec 8 but the proctor said it was a mistake.

section 8 was 25 for me. im in so cal and i doubt that im not alone on this issue. i was going to tell the proctor but i thought it was only an error in my book. no one in my room of 20-25 kids was alarmed. kinda weird

My child has taken the SAT today and I feel as though his score is misrepresentated from the others who have taken this exam. He has only received 20 minutes each to work on sections 8 & 9. Although he said he finished, he said it would have been more convienient if he had the extra 5 like other students across the nation to double check his work.

Therefore, I think it is only fair for there to be at least a significant curve to reimburse the students who were disadvantaged.

The notion that test takers should be “reimbursed” with a higher score is sorta amusing.

People who think they were disadvantaged because they only got 20 minutes weren’t actually. You took the test the way it was supposed to be taken. You aren’t being “compensated” for that because the test is supposed to be standardized, meaning if you took it today or last month or the month before, you would get the same score based on your skills. It will be interesting to see what the college board does about those who got extra time for either section.

How can College Board make a mistake like this?

How much better do people think a test-taker could do with 5 extra minutes? 10 minutes?

A significant amount IMO. 20 min vs 25 min may not seem like a lot but during the test it is.

I frankly didn’t notice the misprint in my book and apparently no one else in the room did either. The proctors gave us 20 minutes for each and no one in my room of ~50 had any complaints. However, upon seeing that kids all over the nation had 5 extra minutes or even TEN (seriously…) is appalling and i really think something should be done. I didnt finish section 8 nor section 9 but I feel that with the extra 5 minutes I could have easily. If nothing is done, the curve will be affected as people who got 25 minutes will have higher scores than they otherwise would have, thus making a harsher curve for those who had the correct time alloted.

If the collegeboard does call for a retest, will that test be on the official SAT test date such as the upcoming October, or will it be on a new date prior?

Can’t agree more! I just took the sat test today and same thing happened in my test center!! I really need the five minutes to finish my math section:(((

My D’s only comment to me about yesterday’s SAT was that she thought she recognized the “test” section. She took a diagnostic offered by Kaplan at our school a few months back which included questions from the ACT and the new SAT. My D thought there was a section on her test with questions which were much more like the new SAT. Are there 25 minute sections on the new SAT?

@berniesmom There is one 25 minute experimental section on each test, which may be formatted like the new sat. It does not count for or against you.

My guess is that they make everyone retake. I was wondering if maybe they could just have everyone retake those 2 sections. I felt fairly confident with my test and don’t want to retake it all.