College Board Error on June 6, 2015 SAT?

The experimental section was not the last one it was just a simple typo the format matched how the last critical reading section should have been. The experimental was the writing one most likely because I’ve taking over 23 practice tests and have never seen that kind of format come up. Also it was obvious because when I took the October SAT I got the book back and I had the same section that was in the Sat this June and it was no longer there when college board sent me my test meaning it was the experimental one. They probably will not do anything about just because it was cause all chaos some people will be happy with their scores others will not

@deyvid Everyone has different experimentals.

Okay but then how would this make sense, they put an experimental reading in and there is 3 reading sections then at that point they only score 2 reading sections so how will your raw score be determined with just two sections when the conversion table is out of 67

If there was 4 critical reading sections I’d agree but since there’s not that won’t happen

The experimental does not count towards or against your score.

@deyvid What? There are 3 standard CR, 3 Standard Math, and 3 standard Writing (essay included). There are people who had 4 CR sections including me. But it wouldn’t have been the last one.

There is no way college board is making everyone retake. There’s a 95% chance that nothing will even happen.

Apparently proctors are required to log the start and end times of each section. If this is true, then I think it’s all but confirmed what the CB will do, because they’ll be able to mark every test that got extra time:

  1. either create different curves - for those who got the extra time on 8, those who got it on both 8 and 9, or those who got no extra time at all etc
  2. hold a retake of just the the two mixed up sections and then combine it with the original test (throw out their original scores for section 8 and 9) and THEN have a separate curve depending on how hard the retake is

There is absolutely no way CB will just do nothing… this is a STANDARDIZED college admission test, and colleges will not want to deal with inconsistencies. It’s simply unfair to those who didn’t receive extra time. Being a test taker myself, I know that 5 minutes on any section would be an astronomical boost. My scores would be significantly higher especially if it’s a CR section, which apparently it was.

It is not fair for us as well who were given the 5 minutes! Holy crap! You act like we had a HUGE advantage. No, it hurt us! We rushed to try to answer as many problems as we could that we skipped. And god knows if they were the right answers!

@lostface, it isn’t a test takers fault if s/he got extra time. Our test site gave 25 on both 8 and 9, and my daughter finished the math and checked it in 17 minutes and sat there for the last eight. They screwed up. Big time. The test wasn’t conducted in a standardized manner because College Board/ETC made a mistake. It wasn’t the proctors. It wasn’t the students who did or didn’t get extra time. And students should not be penalized for it. I think CB should offer another test in a couple of weeks, for free, and let people who took this one take it again if they choose to do so. But any of the scores from this admin will be suspect in terms of accuracy because again, fairly or unfairly, it wasn’t standardized.

At the school where my daughter took the test, they were very well aware of the special instruction. Her room was allotted 20 minutes. At the end of the test they had the students sign a log indicating they only used 20 minutes, instead of 25.

That was smart on their part. My daughter ignored the instruction bc she knew it was only 20 min, but then they gave them the extra time. I just don’t know how they will fix it. Maybe eliminate 8 and 9 from everyone’s test and prorate the other sections? No matter what they do, there will be people who are unhappy.

@Squirg - I agree. CB should offer a free retake to any students who want it - and as they’ve done in the past - without those students knowing what their score would’ve been. The main problem I foresee with this solution is finding test sites. there’s a reason why the SAT isn’t offered in the summer - school is over, teachers are on vacation or off doing something else.

@aznboi4981, I don’t quite understand how extra time would make you rush your answers… Either way I think a retest would be the fairest option

Agreed; you should have seen some of the discussion last month in some of the AP threads. 8-|

My proctor called the College Board while we were taking section 8 and they told her to give us 20 minutes. This sat was definitely not standardized with all the discrepancies.

I’m surprised news outlets haven’t picked up on it-- or

Now I’m glad the power went out here halfway through, so the kids all can retest on June 20.

It’s the weekend. I suspect we won’t hear anything for at least a few days.

Um, awkward… I was the one who pointed out the test book said 25 minutes and I assumed the proctor’s instructions were wrong… the other kids all agreed with me and our proctor gave us the extra time