College Board Frustrations

<p>Need to vent....
Just discovered yesterday that the College Board has not sent ANY test scores for my daughter despite having entered 4 free schools on each of the May and June test dates. Fortunately we discovered that this week and have paid for reports for early action at Georgetown and rolling at U of M - just hope they are sent quickly! </p>

<p>ALSO they messed up her AP Scholar status and gave her less than she tested. They have responded via email that they will check up on it, so hopefully it will be resolved.</p>

<p>Advice to parents - stay on top of this so you don't get any surprises - be sure to verify that scores have been sent!</p>

<p>Definitely check up on it. They had the wrong AP scholar designation for my son too. - his fault he didn't put in his SS #, but we got the new papers today. I was impressed with how quick they were.</p>