College Board National Recognition Program (includes former National Hispanic Recognition Program) Class of 2022

College Board website shows email invitations being sent in March/April, so it is still early. But I was just wondering if anyone has received one yet.

Here is the timeline given:

March–April of junior year: College Board invites eligible students to apply for recognition. Students apply online using the link provided.

May–June of junior year: Deadline for invited students to apply for National Recognition Programs. An exact date will be shared soon. Once the deadline is set, it cannot be extended.

Early fall of senior year: Students are notified via email that they have been granted recognition, and awards are sent to students’ high schools. A student must be enrolled as a senior to receive recognition.


To avoid any potential confusion, note that NHRP ended with class of 2020. It is now part of the College Board National Recognition Program, beginning with high school class of 2021, and new ways to qualify begin with class of 2022. I am not aware of College Board continuing to use the NHRP title.

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@evergreen5 - You are correct. I was trying to maintain consistency with prior post titles. I’ll update the post title to clarify.

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Thanks for the information. Maybe it is soon… but my son doesn’t receive any email from College Board inviting him to apply to CBRP. (We are in CA)

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Has anyone received an email from College Board yet?

I haven’t heard of anyone receiving one yet. Hopefully they will be coming in April.

If I hear of anyone getting it I’ll post. I tried asking college board for a more specific date and the people on the phone often don’t know a thing about it.


I emailed them a while ago and got an email with a phone number to call with questions. Here it is :slight_smile:
Please contact College Board customer service at 1 (866) 630-9305 for all questions related to College Board’s National Recognition Programs.

I tried this. No one at that number had even heard of the program.

Yea, I tried it today. I am probably gonna call like the college board in general and ask about it or ask my school counselor but ill let yall know how it goes :slight_smile:

I found a different phone number and email:
They must know better about the program as opposed to the College Board general customer service line.
I emailed and I might call later. If anybody wants to try it too, let us know how it goes.

@techmom1 I tried the #, but it gave a recording that it wasn’t a good number. I tried to look on scholarshipamerica’s website, but you can’t speak to someone on their main number - you can only leave a message.

I’m assuming they haven’t sent any invitations because I haven’t heard any chatter about it online anywhere. I will send an email as well.

I called too and I din’t get the recording but it just keeps ringing and nobody answers. I will wait to see if they respond the email.
Yes, I assume they haven’t sent anything. Must be coming soon. I guess we just wait.
Good luck to everybody here!

I called a while ago. Scholarship America told me they did this program for the 2021 class but that college board was taking it over for the 2022 class. Talking or emailing with the college board about this makes it look like a national secret. No one knows, they just pass the buck and as someone finds Scholarship America on some notes and direct you there and the loop continues.

I’ve tried calling the College Board a couple of times in the past couple of weeks and they are completely clueless!!! The people I spoke with don’t even know that it has changed to CBNRP! They referred to NHRP…and as far as I know, that isn’t really a thing anymore and has been replaced by CBNRP. I’m a little nervous they maybe aren’t even going to offer it this year?? It’s mid-April, which seems pretty late for them not to have done anything about this yet. I dunno. I’m pretty sure they haven’t sent out any emails inviting students to apply since their website still has the 2020 info and deadline. So the good news is maybe they are still going to do it? I hate to think of the bad news. It’s just SO weird that the people answering phones don’t even know! Maybe we all need to send emails saying that no one can seem to get any answers, is there anyone there that knows about this?! Good luck to all. Kind of stressful waiting it out!

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Emails go out tonight 5:00 pm Pacific time

emails to Juniors who qualify? Or to schools?

To juniors who qualify. He said they were suppose to be sent out today. I know his scores qualify but we still haven’t received the email like he said. Suppose will wait until Monday to see what happened.

Let us know what happens

Just got an email…it gives you a Application number and tells you what award you are applying for (mine is the national Hispanic recognition program)