College Board National Recognition Program (includes former National Hispanic Recognition Program) Class of 2022

My son received his certificate (dated around 2am EST today 9/1) :blush:


I guess my daughter is just not going to get this award. Her old high school from last year notified us she was on the list of recipients from NRP, but my daughter never received an email or certificate. I have sent probably 20 emails, had the school email NRP, called college board board and asked them to reach out directly and all I get is form email responses that they received the email. I cannot believe how poorly this is being handled. There is no telephone number to contact NRP. I have included her college board ID, NRP application number, emails, etc. and they just will not do anything.

So I have been notified by the school she received the award, but I have nothing in hand. Can she list this as an award on her application? On a better note, the National Merit Scores have leaked for our state and my daughter did make National Merit Semi-Finalist, so a bit of good news. Just very frustrating that NRP cannot just respond, confirm and forward the certificate.

I would absolutely list it, since her school has verified it. Ask her school for the documentation they have and keep it in your files. Congrats to her on NMSF as well


Great Idea. Thanks!

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Yes, yesterday.

Update: We actually got an email today where they forwarded the certificate! I still don’t understand the issue, but just when all hope was abandoned it worked itself out! We found out today that she scored above the leaked National Merit cut-off as well, so a good day in the end.


Great news!!! Congrats and happy to hear the update!

Got it! Thanks!

Congrats! I think this is the list you are looking for:

That’s a really nice compilation, I could never find anything like that… so I did it all manually pretty much. If you go back to I think Sept 2021, you’ll find my original list and I posted new finds every once in a while, but never got around to compiling the updates into a consolidated/updated list. There are some schools missing here, like Duquesne. Full tuition, competitive, only one. Duquesne is one of the schools missing from my original list as well, but I posted the details about a month later. I just noticed my list is missing Fordham too, which I dont understand, because I knew from the beginning that was one of the best NRP scholarships available. Maybe I will update my list now that my D is in college and tie in all my updates and other updates people posted since I originally posted it a year ago. There may be some on my list that aren’t on the provided link. I will say, although my D22 did not opt for any of NRP scholarships she received in the end, there are still very significant scholarships to be had with this recognition.


I think they stole from YOUR great list because I remember seeing yours and it was comprehensive and updated often-which was much appreciated!


“Ultimate” list is also missing ASU New American University Scholarship – National Recognition Scholars | ASU Scholarships

Please delete.

What is ASU’s New American University Scholarship for NHS dollar value at? Do you know by chance?

It depends if you are in-state or out-of-state.

You can estimate what you would get using the estimator at ASU First-year Student Scholarship Estimator | ASU Scholarships

Check “I am a National Scholar” above the Calculate button.

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Thanks, looks like the best anyone can do is 15k for out of state and that is with a 4.0. The scholar checkbox does not seem to change anything with a 4.0. Interesting.

They only offer the scholarship based on CBNRP for in state students since last year. OOS only qualify for $15.5k per year ($62k total) president’s scholarship based on gpa. My daughter received it last year but declined.

I am sorry about the discontinuation of the full tuition scholarship for CBNRP OOS students. How is your daughter doing?

It seems that ASU is happy with their Engineering enrollment numbers this fall, so it’s unlikely that they will go back to the old amounts:

"The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering has reached an impressive milestone — student enrollment hit a high of 30,000 students this fall.

That’s up 12% from last year and 27% from 2017, making it the largest engineering school in the nation."

ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering hits record enrollment | ASU News

I suppose that their US News rankings are a big factor:

• No. 18 in civil engineering.
• No. 20 in cybersecurity.
• No. 20 in electrical engineering.
• No. 21 in environmental engineering.
• No. 23 in computer engineering.
• No. 23 in mechanical engineering.

Fulton Schools of Engineering jumps 9 spots in 2 years in US News rankings | ASU News


That’s great. My husband got his engineering degree at ASU. Great program. She is doing very well at Texas A&M.Thanks for asking. She ended up receiving not only the CBNRP scholarship but also additional one year recruitment scholarships from the college and the department. So full tuition ended up being covered this year and the CBNRP partial scholarship for all 4 years. She has all A’s and one B at midterm mark. She is in 3 clubs. She is happy and enjoying life on campus. The department and college scholarships for returning students open every winter. So here’s hoping she can get those additional annual scholarships again and get full tuition covered again each year. :smile: Her younger brother wants to be a doctor so we’ve got lots of tuition in the pipeline . We’ll take the savings where we can get it. :sweat_smile:


Happy to hear this!