College Board National Recognition Program (includes former National Hispanic Recognition Program) Class of 2022

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Valid point - I misunderstood. I thought you meant you didn’t see anything in the Northeast at all. So I was pointing out BU had opportunity for $25k and it looks like Northeastern has opportunity for $15-30k. Yes, that price tag is very daunting. That being said $25,000 off is nearly 50% of BUs tuition and potentially more valuable than the $1000 or $2000 or $5000 many schools guarantee. For a top notch private university, I wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand because it isn’t full tuition and isn’t guaranteed. If a student were to get the scholarship, nothing says it precludes them from receiving other forms of financial aid/grants from the university. You need the full scholarship/grant/aid package (if you were to receive it) before you can dismiss it. Fordham University in NY eligible for full tuition with NHRP (have to have outstanding academic record and be in top 3% of admitted applicants) - that’s about $55,000/yr.

I believe University of Arizona is also full tuition, plus for NHRP. I think UT Dallas offers some awards based on NHRP eligibility, and I came across something about UT Austin as well but need to find it again.

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It is interesting that Texas A&M only gives $6,000 per year scholarship to Texas students and out of state tuition waiver + $4,000 per year for Out of State students. (Scholarships - National Scholars)

What is not clear to me that if the out of state tuition waiver is the whole OOS tuition ($41k) or they just waive the OOS tuition price difference so the tuition is now $13k minus the $4k scholarship for a net aprox of $9k. (SFAID - Cost of Attendance)

That way the Texas resident will pay $7k and the OOS $9k.

The University of Arizona NHRP scholarship amounts depends on the student GPA.

NHRP scholars will automatically be admitted to the honors college.


You can apply to BU and Northeastern but you probably will end up disappointed because scholarships and financial aid at those universities do NOT stack. The scholarships will simply reduce the amount of finanical aid. Same thing for Fordham where you will just be “eligible” to get full tuition but will probably not get it.

See for example disappointing outcome at NHRP 2019 College Scholarship List - Specialty College Admissions Topics / Hispanic Students - College Confidential Forums

I would like to disclose that we live in NJ and that my NHRP son is currently studying engineering at ASU (now in his third year). We spent a lot of time a few years ago figuring out where he should apply. I have posted our story in a long thread that I think is worth reading for reference: Looking for advice in Merit aid for a top 1% student - Financial Aid & Scholarships - College Confidential Forums

In short at the time, for engineering students, ASU and University of Kentucky offered the best deals to NHRP recipients (Kentucky being better financially but ASU offering the best value imho).

University of Arizona is also great, but their scholarship was based on a combination of SAT/ACT score and GPA rather than just on being NHRP recipient (they are currently not using SAT/ACT score due to numerous high schools students not having been able to get tested because of the pandemic).

For out of state students, one advantage of ASU over University of Arizona is that PHX SkyHarbor is very close to ASU and can be reached via the Light Rail for $2. On the other hand, Univerity of Arizona has the brand new Honors Village.

I highly recommend the books “Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be: An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania” by Frank Bruni and “Inside Honors 2020-2021: Ratings and Reviews of 40 Public University Honors Programs” by John Willingham to help narrowing a list of colleges worth applying to.

By the way, the US News best undergraduate engineering programs rankings for 2021 are as follow:

ASU #42 Discover why the Barrett experience is right for you. | Barrett, The Honors College (
Northeastern #48
Boston University #53
University of Arizona #53 Honors Village | Honors College (
University of Kentucky #90 Home | Honors College (


Regarding out-of-state tution waivers, see explanations at Schools That Offer Merit-Based Tuition Waivers to Out-of State Students | Paying for College | US News

In short you still have to pay in-state tuition.

Thanks for this I’m one year behind you. I can already confirm your experience as a likely scenario for most NRP recipients. I talked to as many of this admissions officers as I can and they are usually honest about this and set expectations.

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Both of my daughters got out of state tuition waivers at Texas A&M. The waiver is not for the full amount of tuition. It just charges out-of-state students the in-state tuition rate, so, even though out-of-state students get the tuition waiver, their total tuition cost is still $2000 more than the in-state students, given the reduced size of their scholarship amount from $6000 to $4000. Hope this helps clarify!


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On another note, I saw on another thread that UKY doesn’t have full tuition scholarships for merit Scholars anymore (I believe it was the Patterson scholarship). I couldn’t find anything on the website either :confused: can anyone confirm?