College Board National Recognition Program (includes former National Hispanic Recognition Program) Class of 2022

I don’t have the answer to your question but TAMU’s website suggests that only the top 10% students qualify for automatic admission and that the others may have to wait until late March for a decision.

See Office of Admissions | Texas A&M University - Freshman | How to be Admitted (

Do you have backup options?

Thank you. Yes, Baylor would be the backup but they don’t offer scholarships to National Hispanic Scholars.

You may want to also apply to UTD and Texas Tech.

What are you financial constraints?

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We can afford public schools. We would need scholarships to go to private universities.

Thanks for the advice.

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Have you applied to ASU?

We will now add it to the list.

I suggest you do it ASAP so you get a chance to complete the Barrett application by November 1st.

will do

Adding a new scholarship to the list - only know about this one because notice came in the snail-mail today.

Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA) - Private, #148 National Universities - National Hispanic Recognition Scholarship - Competitive - Full tuition - ~$43,500 (4 year value $174,000) - only 1 scholarship awarded to highest ranked National Hispanic Scholar in entering freshman class (looks at rankings, SAT, GPA, high school rigor, etc).

Searching their website revealed this is a new scholarship started this fall. New Scholarship Expands Horizons, Deepens Community Connections (

If not selected still eligible for awards up $25k/yr - learn more at

Also if you search their webpage - you will see that this year they had 22 National Hispanic Scholar applicants (I think, the article starts talking about applicants and then somewhere starts talking about the entering class), which means your odds could be pretty good for this full tuition scholarship. Not guaranteed, but really really good odds.

But this makes me wonder - how many scholarships do we not know about?


Looks like Arizona State will be doing the same thing as Arizona. Hispanic scholars are thrown on the New American Scholarship pool which is a scholarship based on GPA. And the GPA is 16 classes from freshman to junior year. There is nothing given to the Hispanic Scholars. Barrett throws 1k travel stipend but who travels? After all the hoopla behind Arizona State this is quite disappointing. A 3.5 to 3.7 gets you 12 k or so at Arizona, I’m guessing it will be the same at ASU. State school at one’s state institutions is still cheaper.

Thanks for this information, do you have a source or a web link that would explain the changes that ASU has made and how to determine what the class of 2022 awards will be?

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@timan2000 You seem to have info others do not. Can you be more specific? Thanks!

As of 20 Oct 2021 at 3 pm EDT the website still says the same thing as before: National Scholar | Barrett, The Honors College (

For Arizona this is unweighted GPA, but it is the amounts on that table +$3000, so 3.5-3.74 would be $15,500. 3.75-3.89 would be $23,000, 3.9-3.99 would be $33,000 and 4.0 is $38,000.

ASU - I was actually trying to look at that last night but their tool is down to be updated with next year’s numbers. But from what I recall it was full tuition. I guess that may be GPA dependent though. Cant check right now. But I don’t understand the statement that there is nothing given to Hispanic Scholars. My D22 has an email from ASU stating that all NHRP students accepted will receive the New American University - National Scholars award. (Also ASU was on the ball, I didnt realize it, but they emailed that on September 1st - the day she was notified of her status)

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To be clear, at least until and including last year, the New American University - National Scholars award was NOT GPA dependent (besides GPA required to be at or above 3.5 to qualify for NHRP in the first place).

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@NJEngineerDad @joelatte Yes this is a heads up as I had a talk with someone in the know. One thing you all know is that they have not decided entirely how to calculate that GPA for the new American Scholarship. Its not official. I suppose some big wig at ASU could change his mind and leave the Hispanic Program at ASU the same as last year. But highly unlikely. Both Arizona and Arizona State watch each other and ultimately they both report to the AZ Dept of education. Its probably going to be very similar. I was told there will not be any money for Hispanic Scholar towards tuition. UofA does give you 3K. Barrett gives you some stipend for something but not for tuition.

BTW - for UofA that is the assumption based on the Wildcat Awards/ Arizona Awards Table - the award letter did not say anything about GPA, it just said something like based on your status as a National Hispanic Scholar you are being offered the National Scholar Award for $38,000. But my D22 has a 4.0 unweighted, the others I have seen post have also said $38k. So would need somebody else to confirm whether or not the 4.0 GPA is required.

@TxBioMedDad when I say they get nothing I mean actual money for just being a National Hispanic Scholar. UofA gives you 5K. ASU says you get a New American Scholarship. Well if you need a 3.5 for new American and you have a 3.4 then you get nothing. I did find out say you have a 3.4 and get nothing there, you can still get something if you have a big SAT score. But again, nothing for Hispanic Scholar Recognition itself. It seems to me that given the changes (not official) They could just take the whole Hispanic scholar section out of the web site. If you have a good GPA or great SAT scores you get the same money right? I hope that clarifies.

@TxBioMedDad correction, UofA gives you 3K.

Actually, yes it does. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: