College Board not allowing me to send a score to schools

I took a January SAT subject test and I tried sending it through the College Board website to a school, but it is not allowing me to select the test by pressing the circle next to it. I press the circle and nothing happens. I didn’t list the school I’m sending to (UMich) as a score recipient, by the way. Does this mean I have to wait until the score comes out before I can send it? Would it be too late by then?

You cannot order the Jan test scores sent right now. You had until February 2 to add to or change any colleges you listed in your test registration to automatically receive scores upon release. Between Feb 2 and the date scores are released to you on line, February 12, it is not possible to order the January scores sent. You will be able to make a new order (which will cost an extra fee per college) once scores are released.