College board screwed up, and now me!

<p>So I sent my scores via rush on the 20th, and realized today the status was still pending. I also found out today that UMich doesnt accept rush. So I had to place another order at 5:00 Pm, and then called CB about the other scores. They said they made a mistake and that they will send an inquiry to find out why the scores have not been sent. Am I screwed? Michigan Admissions Officers... Will you understand that this is COLLEGE BOARDS @$%@@$ FAULT? Im sure if i sent rush, michigan wouldve been like "no boii" and I wouldve realized earlier. Why me?!?!?!?</p>

<p>How is this College Board's fault?</p>

<p>Because Collegeboard hasn't sent the scores yet, even when echogolf11 sent them many days before the deadline. I'm in the same situation.</p>

<p>I just read online (here</a>) that:

If you have documentation that proves that you should have qualified for Early Action, please submit the details of your situation via the Ask A Question tab above. In the subject line, please write “Early Action”. Your information will be reviewed and a response to your request will be provided within 7-10 business days.


<p>Would this be a valid reason?</p>

<p>I guess I would explain the situation. But this is just another reason you kids shouldn't leave these apps for the last minute.</p>

<p>Well, first of all, you shouldn't have waited till the last minute to send you application. Also, this is your fault NOT CollegeBoard's fault, because you should have known Michigan DOES NOT accept rushed scores. I think you may be out of luck, so you may have to wait for RD.</p>

<p>I really don't see how this is CB's fault. If its any consolation, you are probably better going to a different college anyway if you can't even get an application (that you had months to do) in on time.</p>

<p>For future reference and for future readers when you take the test you I believe you have the option to have the scores sent least you can with the ACT. Or at least when you know you are going to apply somewhere have the scores sent then...the colleges will eventually match everything up so the order things arrive don't have too much importance. What is important is getting the stuff in on time. Then you don't have to get jammed at the last minute. You should receive an e-mail if you made the EA cut or you can call and ask.</p>

<p>I understand why kids are worried about sending their scores and they only want the "best" ones seen. </p>

<p>Yet, most of the reps at these admissions offices will say they throw out the low scores.</p>

<p>If you know for sure you will be applying to U Mich, or Notre Dame or Cal or NYU or wherever...then send the scores when you take them. You get four free score reports. If you apply to University of California and send all your scores on your last test date, every UC school will get not only your SAT but SAT Subject scores. </p>

<p>You can always cross reference what has and hasn't been sent. </p>

<p>Sending the College Board more money is not my idea of fun. </p>

<p>Also, if you are a recruited Division 1 athlete, don't forget to send them to the NCAA. They don't necessarily need your highest scores - just one set to make sure you are academically eligible. </p>

<p>If you are applying to military academies, it's also important to send these scores to not only the academies, but also to request hard copies for your Nomination - for your Congressmember.</p>

<p>Every year we hear about students who forgot to send test scores or transcripts or whatever. Things do get lost in the mail, too - sending electronically just makes more sense.</p>