College board sending out some AP score corrections!

<p>My mom called me today saying I got a letter from CB stating that the score on one of my exams had been mistakenly inputed as much lower than it truly was (3 vs. 5) No particular error was specified, but it was good news to get as it was a puzzling low score in one of my top subjects. (CB says they are sending an updated score report to my HS and university).</p>

<p>Anyone else get one?</p>

<p>wolfpiper: Congratulations to you and shame on CB!</p>

<p>quality control continues to plague the Collegeboard.</p>

<p>lost, incorrect answers, incorrect grades. failure to recognize the writing portion as a joke. failure to recognize problems with the exam causing the "points plunge".</p>

<p>what happens with your customer base when the control gets tossed out the window?</p>

<p>What subject was this in? </p>

<p>Was it AP US History? Our school had an unusual number of low scores. The school usually has nearly 100% pass rate, with most getting 4's & 5's, but this time there were too many 2's -- same teacher! .</p>

<p>I hope my son's fives don't turn into threes! LOL.</p>

<p>I'm very happy for you. Congrats!</p>

<p>It was AP European History, but the error could have affected other tests. I'd watch the mailbox.</p>

<p>Hi Wolfpiper - a CC er just directed me to your thread. My s just had 2 May 06 AP scores raised from 3 to 5 bio and Human Geography. In his case CB stated in a letter that initially only the free response sections were counted, although there was no indication of this on the July score report. Later CB added the multiple choice points and PRESTO--- the scores went from 3 to 5! The initial letter only mentioned the Human Geo grade, but when we called and checked we found out that the bio grade has also been corrected from a 3 to a 5. The original letter arrived on 9/7 but the score report (despite repeated requests) did not arrive until yesterday, to late for him to change his freshman college courses and get credit. Extemely frustrating!!</p>

<p>Anyone else out there? How widespread is this problem? Thanks.</p>

<p>I'm surprised this hasn't hit the mainstream press yet. Probably will by the weekend.</p>

<p>My daughter finally got the last one of her AP scores TODAY!</p>