College Board Should Stop Recycling Subject Test Questions

There are many past tests for the math and science exams available online, but the new tests continue to use questions from those tests. This results in a big advantage for people using that material and tougher curves on those tests. This is probably one reason why MIT and Caltech are no longer considering subject tests. It can’t be that much work to write new questions, as test prep books have huge numbers of questions. They either need to use all new questions for each exam or not offer the exams at all because they are compromised.

I can’t imagine anyone outside the CB disagreeing with your opinion, one which I would extend to the SAT as well. To me, it’s one of those things that should be filed under “Thank You Captain Obvious.” ?

Any reason you’re on this sudden kick about question reuse?

Evidence that they’ve been reused since the suit of nearly 2 years ago?

Because I saw how badly some of the subject tests have been compromised.

It annoys me that they are totally compromising the subject tests by putting like 10 of 50 problems on them that are available on the Internet. They may have been able to get away with recycling in the past, but it doesn’t work at all in today’s environment.

I would prefer if all these tests were officially released. If some people have them, everyone should have them. The free answer sections of the AP exams are like that. You can see the past exams for 20+ years. The same things with British A-levels, for which past papers are available. I don’t see why it is harder to write new multiple choice problems than free answer.

There is no reason for CB to invest in subject tests anymore, they are Dead, with a capital D.

From what I heard, there were no recycled questions on the math level 2 test on Saturday, so maybe they listened.

The math and science subject tests are much taken internationally, so I doubt they are dying any time soon. They are offered practically everywhere, and most students know enough English for them. Universities in other countries admit mostly based on exams similar to AP exams, rather than weird aptitude test and grades from teachers as here.