College Book Awards?

<p>Not quite sure where to post this, but anyways...</p>

<p>My soph year English teacher told me today that I will be the recipient of a "College Book Award" at some kind of district-wide English ceremony next week. He didn't tell me what college it was so as to not ruin the surprise, but he dropped some names, Bryn Mawr and Brown being the only ones that I remember. He said something about how these awards show that the colleges might possibly be interested in the recipient.</p>

<p>I know nothing about college book awards, except that I'm getting one, and the award is an actual book. Anyone have any more info? Are they prestigious? (Obv, depending on the schools...) Is this a big deal (relatively speaking, obv not compared to what everyone else, esp the science students, on cc is getting)?</p>

<p>Thanks !</p>

Our school does that too, but just for juniors. The colleges provide your high school with criteria to base the award on, and sometimes they are presented by an alumni from the college its from. But other than showing that you qualify for an award I don't think it means much about getting into the college that sponsers the book award.</p>

<p>Book awards are presented by the alumni groups of many different colleges. They are designed to stimulate interest and applications. Often the awards are made based on input from the HS administration and teachers. The awards in NO way reflect any intention to offer acceptance for admission.</p>

<p>I look at it as a certification that you're one of the best students at your school. Yeah, there class rankings and such, but there are ways to get ahead in that system. The teachers and administration know who the better students are, and to be recognized like that meant a lot to me when I received one.</p>

<p>Thanks for the extra info. Just to clarify, I am a junior, and I know that there's a huge difference between getting an award from alum of a school and getting accepted. I was just wondering how colleges - both the giver of the award and others - look at it.</p>

<p>So I take it that the award is definitely a significant one?</p>