College Chances PLEASE HELP


<p>I just finished my sophmore year of high school with a 2.8 GPA. I am in the top half of my class, and I have great extracurriculars and have not taken sats yet. I have a list of schools in mind. I would appreciate it if you posted your opinions on my chances. I am trying to raise it to a 3.2-ish by next spring. If I were to stay where I am what are my chances for:</p>

<p>West Virginia University
Albertus Magnus College
St Thomas Aquinas College
Seton Hall University
Arizona State University</p>

<p>Please Reply!!!!</p>

<p>Arizona State, you're probably in as long as you have decent test scores and ecs...</p>

<p>If you're talking about St. Thomas Aquinas in Ojai, California... I'm not so sure about. It's an incredibly small, LAC in a very rural part of California and I think its pretty tough to get into. Make sure that you get your grades up next year and you'll probably have a better chance.</p>

<p>i meant the one in new york</p>

<p>yeahhh, idk then... but Arizona, don't even worry about it; that is typically a safety school for most people with grades like yours</p>

<p>im thinking about sports management and communications. what else might be a good match?</p>

<p>What is your college budget?</p>