College Choices

I’ve been recently admitted to UIUC for CS+Econ and Cal Poly SLO for Software Engineering. What would you guys say between these two schools? I am oos for both. My main consideration is reputation within tech circles, internships, and job prospects.

Thank you!

In tech, prestige is meaningless. Best to choose the one that costs less. If you’re planning to take out loans, you’ll want to go in-state. High debt will seriously limit your options, and potentially force you into jobs that might be a poor fit. Most employers recruit locally and regionally, because it’s more cost effective that way. And…99.99% of your credentials will be learned on the job. Employers look for people who can code and can learn fast.

None of that answers the OP’s questions coolguy40.

OP, congratulations on those acceptances. Those are two pretty different majors…what do you prefer to study? Which school appeals to you more? What type of job do you want to work in when you graduate? Where do you want to work in terms of geography?

Both schools have good reputations in the tech community, and good job prospects. What are their relative costs? What other options do you have?

not 100% true … also Tech is inclusive of Quant Finance … and looking around my group … yeah prestige counts

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Both majors are of interest to me because CP SLO’s SE has major overlap with CS and I think the extra Econ knowledge at UIUC just adds more value. I want to work at a large tech company after graduation. Cost is not too big issue as of now, although UIUC costs 15k more so that’s definitely something I need to think about.

I’ll clarify, I need to know if these OOS schools are going to require large amounts of debt. If so, then neither one are good options. That’s often the case with going to these kind of schools, where parents co-sign debt. Bad idea, especially when virtually all credentials are learned on the job. I do this for a living.

Where do you want to end up?
California? Chicago? North-East?

I’m open to anywhere

I agree it’s good to know what level of debt is necessary, but fundamentally the decision to take on debt is unique to each and every family. Depends on student’s major, age of parents, retirement savings, number of siblings, etc. etc. etc.

Bottom line, there is no one size fits all recommendation, nor can anyone make a recommendation without knowing the relevant factors. It’s irrelevant that you work in tech.

It’s going to come down to your personal preference, what classes/major you prefer (have you looked at the required classes for each major?), and budget. Tech companies of all shapes and sizes employ grads from these two schools. Can your parents afford both schools without taking out loans, or placing a financial burden on them, especially at the more expensive UIUC?