College Class of 2025 Waitlist Thread

I was waitlisted at Vassar, Skidmore, and Wesleyan, no hard feelings though!

I heard of someone coming off of the CU Boulder waitlist recently (didn’t even know they had one). So I would assume similar colleges might be starting to resort to their waitlists.

Someone on the 2021 Parents thread said their kid was pulled from the U Chicago waitlist.

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I saw on Reddit that a few students have gotten off the Colby waitlist already

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Where on Reddit . Can you attach it here

Scroll down to 5 days ago and a user ElevatorBeats says got off Colby waitlist and another person says they did too.

My daughter is waitlisted at 7 schools, Colby isn’t one of them. She is waitlisted at WashU, ND, UVA, Michigan, UCLA, Boston College and Wake. Really disappointing as some of those were safeties according to Scoir/Naviance.

I got off a waitlist less than a month of being on.

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Top 35 schools are not safeties by any metric. Good luck to your D.

Which school?

Fairfield University, a small school in Connecticut.


Got waitlisted by many schools, but Wake and BC are the most notable. I did ED to Boston College and got deferred then waitlisted and it still stings a bit. I really hope to get in there it would mean the world to me. I have a 34 ACT and 4.0 wgpa if that helps.

My kid is waitlisted at his top choice and one other school (Michigan and Virginia). He’s trying to decide which accepted school to commit to while he waits (Univ of Florida and Univ of Miami). How long are you guys planning to ride out the waitlist? Do you have a date that if not accepted off a waitlist you turn your focus to where you committed? Trying to help my kid deal with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with waitlist waiting.


The First Rule of the Waitlist…

Don’t wait for waitlist.

Your kid has two great choices. Help them choose the one that is best for them, then embrace it, and then help them understand how perfect their choice is.


It is great that he was accepted at two great colleges! I think now is the time to embrace one of the offers… My son is waitlisted at Columbia, but we have decided to visit and get excited about a great college that gave him an offer. They were generous and it has help him to focus on the positive. Sadly, he was declined by most of his top choices. This has been a difficult year. They worked hard, but the pandemic with the horde of “gap year” apps probably affected their admission chances at top choices. We parents are frustrated, but what can we do…:slight_smile:


Is the Second Rule:

See the first rule.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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Help other 2025s out! Post here with Waitlist movement. Our D21 is committed to Duke and did not get any WL, but posting to keep CC parents and students updated:

WL movement based on threads I have seen:
UChicago, Colby, UNC-CH, WAKE, Barnard, VaTech(in and out of state), Lehigh.



Has anyone gotten off of the Harvard waitlist, I am just curious, thanks!

What is scary is the school will call you to tell you about your official acceptance, then the pressure is on, that is how fast it goes!